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A No-Nonsense Guide for Ambitious Women in the Workplace

Whether you’re looking to get a promotion, grow your business, or land your dream job, WorkWoman is your go to place for how you need to think, act, and lead in order to truly get what you want. The road to your dreams is not sugar coated with rainbows and unicorns and this podcast isn’t for the “I’m happy with where I’m at” 9-5er. BUT it will give you the tools and resources you need to fast track your goals personally, professionally, and financially if you’re willing to stop making excuses, put in the work and be a badass #WorkWoman

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Working woman TourPres As a business owner, I find it pivotal to listen daily to quality content that provides value to my business. Natalie offers straightforward solutions to real-life situations for immediate application into your business. I love. the fact that some are shorter, some are longer and I can start my day off with solid information. Highly recommend for all working women. Be the leader they need.
Inspirational & Aspirational Malia M It’s so rare to find someone who sets goals and takes you on their journey to achieve them — let alone in all aspects: personally, professionally and financially. Thank you Natalie for being so vulnerable, you have inspired me to be better and help me cast my vision for a future me!
Value packed! Meriah A I love Natalie’s down to earth authentic nature. Her podcast is packed with valuable tips and resources that are easily implementable to level up in all aspects of your life. If you want to grow personally, lead your team better, crush your goals, and expand your business then her podcast is a must listen!
Excellent! acudocjax If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or have a side hustle you’re looking to up level look no further! Natalie breaks things down from hiring and firing, to marketing and creating a workplace culture. I listen weekly and have read her book — she’s an expert with expert advice. Check it out!
For women who want to be a boss! AshleyHope29 Highly recommend this podcast for any woman looking to better themselves in their career or even your personal life. Natalie and her personal experiences from her growth are empowering! If you are looking for strong women to motivate and mentor you along with if you want to become a boss and dominate your career this is for you!
Great Insight! SamMec3793 In preparation for an interview with Cardone Ventures, I sought out this podcast. I am impressed by the attention to detail and commitment to core values within this company and its leadership. The energy and passion displayed is efficacious! Episode 32 helped me appreciate the structure of the job posting I am considering. In particular, the emphasis placed on work experience feels precisely aligned with the stated core values.
Natalie Dawson recording a podcast at her desk

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