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Natalie Dawson is a best selling author, entrepreneur and expert in developing people and building scalable teams. Having attended the London School of Economics, Natalie uses her unique blend of operational and financial skill sets to align employees with the business’s objectives – for maximum results on investment.
Over her career, she’s hired, trained and led thousands of employees which ultimately has led to her helping say her most recent company Cardone Ventures so quickly and profitably. Natalie Co-Founded Cardone Ventures in 2019 with Brandon Dawson and Grant Cardone. A management consulting, joint ventures, and private equity firm that helps business owners achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals through the growth of their business. With no cost of capital, no outside investment, in just 3 years Cardone Ventures has generated $70 million in revenue and over 40 million in EBITDA. Not only has Cardone Ventures seen massive growth, their clients and partners have too.
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With over $1Billion in businesses under management, Natalie’s leadership has been key to increasing business revenue, employee production, effectiveness and efficiency.If you’d like to learn the blueprint to building $100M high performance team, check out Natalie’s #1 Amazon best selling book TeamWork – a complete guide to exactly how she’s built a highly engaged, highly aligned, high performance team in order to accommodate business opportunities and growth.
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The three step guide for working with your significant other

Work Together Formula

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