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How To Build A High-Performance Team!

Building Teams, Grow Your Business

How do you build a high-performance team?

In my professional career, I’ve read so many books about professional development and leadership and all the different ways in which you can increase your self-awareness while being a better communicator in the workplace — it’s a lot of heady stuff, really. 

While I’ve really enjoyed and benefited from these books, what I’ve found in my readings over the years is that there are very few books out there that speak to the nitty gritty in terms of tactical team leadership skills. I’m talking, how do you lead a one-on-one conversation? How do you create and implement an onboarding process for new hires? How do you, specifically, lead a team?

High-performing teams need inspiration — and tactical skills

A lot of the resources out there would say kinda vague things like, “The key to leadership is to inspire,” and while I get that, it’s also like…how? How do you inspire others? Like, how do you actually, successfully put structures into the business so that your teams can not only adhere to those structures, but also innovate and create new structures that will push the business to even higher levels of success?

I mean, that’s really how businesses grow, right? The leaders create the space where they can support and grow the next generation of leaders, so that they can then support and grow the next generation of leaders, and so on. 

This is precisely why I wrote Teamwork: How to Build a High-Performance Team.

Sometimes, you can feel like you’re out there all alone. When I first became a team leader many years ago, I was in my early twenties, my direct reports were all older and more credentialed than I was, and I was, to be frank, a little out of my element. I wish I would have had a resource like Teamwork there to help guide me through the tough stuff. 

But in those experiences, I learned so much about what not to do and what not to say and what not to take on, and I really wanted to share that knowledge with two distinct types of leaders in business: 

One, Teamwork is for someone who has just become a leader and feels like they have no idea what they’re doing. Listen, if that’s you, I’m with you. I feel you. Trust me, I do. Teamwork is going to be a manual for you, I know it. 

The second person who I wrote Teamwork for is that business owner who is on the path toward scale and growth but is struggling to align their teams, and to get processes in place, and it’s quite where they need to be in terms of getting the right structure in the organization. 

Use the same tactics that I do with my Cardone Ventures team

I know this stuff works. I’ve infused this book with infographics, examples of the exact forms I use in my day-to-day operations, and of course the wisdom that comes with leading a team that’s on track to generate over $40 million in revenue this year. 

It takes a lot of insight and confidence to get to this place, but it didn’t happen overnight. It’s taken years of experiences, struggles, and resilience, and if I’m able to help leaders and business owners out there avoid some of the pitfalls I’ve found myself in, then that means I’ve done something worthwhile. 

Listen, either you create the environment for your team, it creates itself. Which one do you want to guess leads to a greater sense of purpose and success? Teamwork will help you design the kind of team environment you want, attract the right people to your organization, create an exciting work environment, and build an incredible company. 

Ready to order your copy of Teamwork? You can! There’s no time to waste. I’m so proud of this book, and the response to it has been incredible. Go here to get your copy of Teamwork, and be sure to leave me a review. I know that you, your team, and your organization are going to love it.