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How I Stay Motivated

Lifestyle, Mindset

Exploring my journey in developing personal leadership.

Often I use this platform as a means for exploring a specific business concept, or getting really tactical on a topic that I’m learning about or implementing with my team, or even exploring a challenge a business owner is having so I can share how Cardone Ventures tackles those problems with business owners. 

But, today, I want to use this space for something entirely different. Today I want to explore all of the things that I’ve been learning about myself and I’ve delved deeper into my own personal leadership journey. I’ve been pushing myself, really leaning into myself, and I’m already learning so much. 

Two years ago, I had this “future Natalie” version of myself that I had envisioned, and while sometimes those vision board ideas seem so far-fetched, I also realize that they really do help push you to achieve your goals, and here I am, two years later, completing my first book and wrapping up filming content for our Leadership Program.

Let Challenges Be an Everyday Habit

So I’m sitting here reflecting, not quite able to grasp that it’s all real, while fully knowing that by digging in and pushing myself, I was able to get here. Even with things like my podcast, just a few years ago it would have seemed unfathomable to me that I would be doing something like that, and now it’s become second nature because I challenged myself and stayed consistent with that challenge to where I’m now completely comfortable with the format. 
Here’s the thing about achieving goals: Sometimes we don’t give ourselves credit for having achieved the thing we set out to do. When you’re driven, you have an idea, make a plan, take the incremental steps necessary to get there, achieve the goal, and then you’re on to the next thing. I get that, because sometimes I feel selfish when I find myself in a state of contentment, because that’s when I start wondering, “Well, how is everyone else in my circle doing?”

Use Your Wins to Keep You Centered and Motivated

Seriously, when I find myself in a state where I’ve accomplished a goal, I let myself feel that sense of accomplishment for a moment, but I choose not to get swallowed up by it, because if I did I would become entirely self-oriented and lose sight of the fact that I can use this as momentum to help others achieve their goals and push myself into creating my next set of goals.

I want to make an incredible and massive impact on the people that I love, but also people that I don’t even know, so I find myself really wrestling with things like, “How am I leaning into these opportunities?” and “Where am I falling short?” and “How can I contribute more and evolve as a person?” It just never stops. It’s not a search for perfection or anything like that, but it is about the process of doing and learning to continue doing and to continue learning. 

I’m learning as I get further and further into achieving my own goals, and having a platform to talk with people out there about my experiences that I have the opportunity to impact other people’s lives in some positive way, and that’s such an honor.

You Deserve to Feel This Same Level of Accomplishment

I know that I’ve been able to do that through my work at Cardone Ventures, but what I’m describing is a much more personal experience, and while I’ve been doing some of the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life, these have also been some of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I want everyone to feel this same sense of accomplishment and confidence and reward. 

If you’re at all struggling with achieving your goals, I want you to use me as an example that you can achieve the things you set out to. You deserve to have that baseline level of confidence. That’s the first piece of confidence you need to reach the next level. You can do more, you can achieve more, and I want you to lean into the confidence that you need in order to create that action. That’s going to get you to that next level. 

Let’s go there together!

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