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Getting Canceled Should Be On Your Bucket List

Lifestyle, Mindset

I used to avoid discussing taboo topics in public

Like a lot of you, I’m sure, I was raised in an environment where we just didn’t take massive, passionate stances on topics that were considered controversial. It just wasn’t part of our DNA — not as a family or as a community.

Because of that, when really big topics come up in public settings, I’ve always kind of kept my opinions to myself. It’s not because I don’t have my own perspective. Trust me, most of the time, I do have a pretty strong opinion about things, but to a certain degree, I’ve always kinda felt like, “What’s the point? What am I going to accomplish by sharing this in this setting?”

However, my viewpoint on this topic changed recently when I watched Grant Cardone speaking with a small business owner who asked him, “How do I get big and avoid being canceled in the process?”

Pay attention to those moments that challenge your perspective

Now, as you can imagine, Grant shared a lot of valuable insight in his response, but the first thing he said was what really made me start to reconsider my approach to things in this realm. 

Grant said, “It’s your responsibility to share whatever message or whatever thoughts you have in order to grow and scale your business.” 

It’s such a simple message, but it’s a really powerful one. It’s a clear, concise reminder that, hey, no one else is gonna do this for you. You can be the most talented person in your field with the most innovative ideas, but unless you’re out there speaking with passion about the values of your brand each and every day, you’re never going to make that dream come true. 

And you know what? Sometimes, in the midst of all that noise you’re making, you’re gonna trip and fall down once in a while. In fact, you might even get “canceled.” That’s part of the ballgame. 

When I say “canceled,” I mean something very specific 

Now, to be 100% abundantly clear, when I say canceled, I’m not talking about creeps who have lost their high-profile positions because they’re sexual predators or people who’ve clearly violated ethical boundaries. That stuff is objectively gross. 

No, what I’m talking about is when people get canceled for putting a foot in their mouths because they’re the sorts of people who are putting themselves out there in an effort to accomplish something greater than themselves. 

Take Rachel Hollis, for example. She got called out for being “unrelatable” and then basically responded that she didn’t want to be relatable, later creating a video entitled, “The video’s caption read “Harriet Tubman, RBG, Marie Curie, Oprah Winfrey, Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Malala Yousafzai, Wu Zetian … all Unrelatable AF” that caused even more controversy. 

Similarly, Kim Kardashian was promoting her newest series and was quoted as saying, “I have the best advice for women in business. Get your fucking ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.” 

The response, of course, was swift and driven by outrage. Cause that’s the way the world works these days. 

Being canceled is about more than just “being canceled” 

Here’s the thing: Both women apologized. The world moved on. So did they. And you know what after? THEY’RE BOTH FINE. THEY’RE BOTH STILL BUILDING THEIR EMPIRES. 

The world has a pretty short attention span. They moved onto the next trending topic. And, odds are, both of these women probably lost a few followers and gained a few new ones. Rachel probably sold a few more books. Kim’s SKIMS brand is as popular as ever. 

It’s instructive, really, isn’t it?

So here are my five reasons why getting canceled should be on your bucket list.

It means you’re doing really big things

Seriously, think about it. You’re not getting canceled if you’re a small-time player. The bigger you are, the bigger the target there is on your back. 

It means you’re willing to take massive risks

You’re not getting canceled if you’re out there sharing safe opinions. It means you’re taking a stance. It’s indicative of a personality that is brave, and you wanna be brave, don’t you?

It means you aren’t afraid of your own ideas

Life is too short to constantly second guess yourself. Putting yourself out there, sharing your insight, and telling your story exudes confidence. Your ideas have value. Stop hiding them from the world. 

It means you’re a leader

Both Brandon and I believe that leadership is something that everyone should aspire to. It means you’re the sort of person who takes charge, who learns, who motivates, and who is determined to lead by example. Followers don’t get canceled. Leaders do. 

You’ll never really get canceled if you don’t quit

This is one of the most important points. Think back to Rachel Hollis and Kim Kardashian. Sure, they’ve said some stuff they might’ve regretted. Who hasn’t? That’s being human. But the most inspiring aspect of what they do is their tenacity. They’re not quitters. They’re builders. And what they’re building is incredible. 

Here’s something I want you to tell yourself moving forward. I want you to tell yourself to be bold. To stop holding back. To not be afraid to take a risk or share an opinion when you know in your heart that you’re on the right path to achieving your personal, professional, and financial goals. 

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