Do You Have BDE?


What is BDE?

Have you ever heard the term “BDE” before? A word of caution before we go any further: Some might regard this specific topic as being a tad inappropriate, so please be forewarned that the next paragraph or two aren’t exactly Rated G. Okay, you’ve been warned! Let’s continue…

BDE stands for “big dick energy,” and the best way to describe it is that it’s a vibe. BDE doesn’t necessarily mean that a person literally is, uh, anatomically well-endowed, but it can mean that, too!

You, see, that’s the thing. Big dick energy is a sense of confidence and swagger. Men and women can exude BDE. 

Pete Davidson, the former paramour of Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian? He’s got BDE. (In fact, the term was essentially inspired by him!) 

Rihanna? Total BDE. Mark Zuckerberg? Nope. Sorry. No BDE. 

But Elena Cardone? Undisputed BDE.

The people who have it are people who project positivity and self-assuredness without being cocky. It’s a special energy. You know it when you encounter it.

Okay, I think I get it, but what’s the other BDE?

The other BDE — the one I want to talk about today — is a very similar sort of self-belief, we called Brandon Dawson Energy. 

That’s right, the BDE I want to talk about today is that of my husband, because there’s really no one else in this world like him, and I believe that if more people were as intentional and as driven as him, we’d be living in a very different sort of world.

I had the pleasure of discussing this with Brandon, and what follows is a summary of that conversation, his views on just what Brandon Dawson Energy is, and how you can tap into that side of yourself in order to achieve your life’s goals.

Maybe he’s born with it

Sometimes, people look at a person like Brandon — a guy that exudes positive energy and confidence and think, “Well, he was just born that way. I’m just not like that.” and to a certain degree, he was just born that way. Full of energy, curiosity, and a desire to build his own kingdom. 

And I feel the same way. Every day I’m waking up feeling energized by my opportunity to impact people’s lives, to create more, to help more, and to have more in this life. I’m not sure that I always felt this way, and so much of that sense of self comes from the people who you surround yourself with. 

This sort of energy is possible to create within yourself. Like so many other things in life, you have the choice to go after your goals in life. 

If you want to create that level of influence in the people around you, then it starts with having a sense of discipline. When you make promises to yourself, and you follow through on those promises, then you become more confident in yourself, and people around you can feel that. 

Once you’ve created that confidence in yourself, then and only then will you be able to do it with others. They just won’t be able to follow you or trust you if you’re not putting out that energy. You can’t just say things. 

People have to feel it just as much as hear it. Your confidence in yourself is key to that process. 

Who’s your biggest competition? It’s you!

A central component in developing your version of Brandon Dawson Energy is keeping your eye on the competition, but your competition isn’t who you might think it is. In fact, it isn’t anyone but you. Let’s face, no one is holding you back from achieving your goals other than yourself. 

It’s not your competition, it’s not your boss, it’s not your neighbor — it’s you. Let them do them. You need to focus on yourself. Set goals for yourself, create clear, incremental steps that will help you achieve those goals, and for goodness sake, hold yourself accountable!

And when you achieve those goals, set new ones. This is how you create confidence. This is how you create an incomparable sense of swagger. This is how you radiate Brandon Dawson Energy. 

Put BDE on your bucket list!

Everything that Brandon and I and the entire Cardone Ventures team do is devoted to helping our clients achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals, and that’s why I’m seriously recommending that you put “BDE” on your bucket list. 

Everyone deserves to feel this way. This is not a matter of, “Oh, these people have it, and I don’t.” Honestly, folks, you’re choosing not to believe in yourself when you live your life this way.

You have access to more resources, more education, and the ability to think even bigger than anyone ever has before in history. You have access to every skill imaginable. You can become proficient in areas that you currently aren’t so that you can learn more, earn more, and have access to even more. What could be more exciting? 

It’s time to develop your own BDE!

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