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Stop Fighting With Your Partner and Start Getting What You Want!


Document your goals. Together.  

One of the most valuable lessons Brandon and I learned from the Cardones is how to set goals as a couple. It’s a pretty simple, but incredibly powerful exercise. Essentially, you want to create a document that has three columns. One is for your personal goals, one column is for your partner’s, and I suggest saving the middle column for your collective goals as partners.

This is such an important thing to do for a few reasons. First, how often are you really having this sort of conversation with your partner? In an ideal world, we’d be doing it all the time, always on the same page, pushing and pulling each other toward achieving all of our goals. But the reality is most couples probably aren’t on the same page to the degree that they really should be if they want to 10X their lives and their businesses. 

How aligned are you really? You might be surprised!

The fantastic thing that Brandon and I realized when we started doing this exercise together is how so many of our personal goals were actually shared goals, and they fit just as perfectly into that middle column as they did into the individual columns. That’s the sort of alignment you want to see, but what do you do if your partner’s personal, professional, and financial goals are in opposition to whatever yours are? How can you win together if you’re not moving in the same direction at the same time?

The fact of the matter is, you need to have a real, vulnerable conversation with one another when those situations occur. It happened to Brandon and I not too long ago. I had an important goal that wasn’t in direct alignment with what we were doing at the time. So we sat down and talked about it. We painted a picture. What does this new scenario look like? What does it mean for us and what we want to do together? We put a plan in place that worked for both of us but as we worked through it – we kept the main goals senior. Some of your goals or your partner’s goals are senior to others. In relationships, it can be difficult to somach that and remove your ego but you have to look at what it in the greatest good for you both and your family. Ego aside.

Dream to create a vision. Take action to make it real!

While it turned out that something different happened anyway, what it showed me was that Brandon ultimately wanted me to achieve my goal and became totally supportive once he understood where I was coming from, because we had that conversation. We grew closer. Suddenly, Brandon was a huge advocate for me manifesting and taking action on this new goal, because we were communicating on a different level. 

Dreaming, committing, taking action — these are the things that make life interesting and fun, and it’s, of course, so much better when you’re doing it with a partner that gets and supports you. 

Partnering with Grant and Elena is a perfect example of Brandon and I setting a goal, painting a picture, and taking action. A few years ago, we didn’t know them. We knew of them, and we knew that if we had the opportunity to, that we could create something extraordinary. 

So that’s what we did. We took action, and here we are, two years later with 60 employees, absolutely kicking ass. 

Want to achieve collective goals? You need to invite your partner to take the journey with you. 

All too often, Brandon and I see couples fall out of alignment because just one of them attend a 10X event, get excited by what they’ve learned, and then quickly get deflated because their partner doesn’t share the same level of enthusiasm. 

But here’s the thing with any goal setting exercise as a couple: You need to invite them along with you. It’s up to you to express why you’re so motivated to achieve a certain goal and help your partner understand how they fit into the picture you’re painting. It’s your job to sell them!

It’s an unfortunate reality that we all have a tendency to look for what might go wrong in a new scenario vs. seeing all its positive possibilities. Help your partner let go of their fear and anxiety and they’ll end up being your biggest advocate. They owe you the same when it comes to their goals. How does this all fit together?

These are precisely the sorts of concepts that we approach from a business perspective at our 10X360 event — how to identify and overcome conflicts so that we can create healthier teams, healthier partnerships, and healthier businesses. 

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