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How to Inspire Your Team

Building Teams, Grow Your Business

Whenever I’m opening a Cardone Ventures event, I like to lead with a question so that I can engage the audience right away, so I lead with one of the questions I get asked most often, since I know this is something that is on a lot of people’s minds. 

The question? “What are your people problems?” And, unsurprisingly, lots of hands shoot up, and while there are lots of people problems, there’s not a lot of diversity in those core challenges. 

Every business owner wants to know, in one way or another, “How do I get my team to be inspired?” “How do I get them to work as hard as I do?” “How do I make it so that they’re more interested in the growth of the business?”

You Must Create a Culture of Inspiration

Your team is not going to be self-motivated to the degree that they’ll be as invested in the business as you are unless you give them reason to be. I know you’re thinking, “I’ve hired them, I pay them, I provide benefits — isn’t that enough?” but the reality is that most employees in most organizations are actively disengaged in their work. 

What you’re trying to do is build an incredible business, a 10X business, and that requires something beyond what average organizations do. You don’t want average results, you want extraordinary results, so as the business owner, you’re going to want to look at things differently, starting here:

How are you helping your team make more money?

Seriously. What is your plan to help them to make more money working with you? Nobody is going to be interested in working for you for the same amount of money year-over-year until they retire. It’s just not a big enough game for them to stay interested, let alone motivated. And this is for everybody — there’s really no exception to this. Everybody wants to be playing a bigger game. 

So how do you continue to create a different game, one that keeps them interested, inspire, and mindful of what’s best for the business? Well, you align them with the problems that the business is having.

And I can assure you that every single problem that you have in your organization or with your team stems from not generating more money. Create incentive packages, overpay them for solving problems, do what you can in order to align them with the problems your business faces, put them in a position where they can be the ones to solve those problems, and create clear incentives for them to stay motivated in solving those problems!

Show How People Are Succeeding In Your Environment

If you want people to be inspired about what they’re doing and their opportunity, then you need to be vocal about what your people are accomplishing! Are you creating an environment of transparency, where the successes that your people are driving are being highlighted? 

If you work in a culture where things happen but nobody knows about it, which essentially means that no one cares enough to say anything, then why would anyone be inspired?

When new team members start at Cardone Ventures, the first thing they hear when they are in this environment is how we are winning and succeeding with our clients, and how our individual team members are winning and succeeding on a personal, professional, and financial level through goal attainment. 

This is a culture that we created from nothing, and I can tell you with confidence that it’s not hard to create, but it does take intentionality on your behalf. But when you’ve dedicated yourself to that level of intentionality, all of a sudden it just perpetuates itself. So when you’re celebrating your team’s individual and collective successes, you’re creating a sense of motivation in others because they can see themselves being a part of a winning environment. 

How Are You Leveraging Your Team’s Insight?

Sometimes the best way to keep your team inspired and engaged is by going directly to them for their feedback.What opportunities do they see in how the business, and ultimately themselves, can make more money?

If you have created a particular kind of environment in your organization and have suddenly become more growth oriented, well, that’s a cultural shift that has taken place within you, but your team isn’t necessarily on the same page as you, yet. All of the sudden the rules have changed, where you’re no longer going to be satisfied with them performing in the exact same way. 

So how do you bring them along with you? By including them! How could you ask them to come up with a plan to implement a new product or service, or a different way to engage with clients? This is such an incredible starting point because most employees don’t get to experience such a direct impact on the business, therefore they don’t know that that’s possible for them. 

At Cardone Ventures, we want to help you 10X your business, and we’ll help you learn how to motivate yourself and inspire your team in order to reach your goals. To learn more visit to register for our next event!