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How To Get Everything You Want In 2022!

Lifestyle, Mindset

2021 was the best year of my life. Seriously.

The last few years have had all sorts of ups and downs for people on personal, professional, and financial levels — they’ve certainly had their effect on me. But instead of getting too wrapped up in the negative aspects of things, I’ve been able to harness my energy and take advantage of the opportunities that mattered to me most. 2021 truly has been the best year of my life.

In 2021, Brandon and I got married, pushed Cardone Ventures to over $40 million in revenue, I authored my first book, we’ve continued to build a fast-growing team, finalized some building projects, I spoke at over 50 events, recorded over 20 podcasts, and I even worked out 311 times this year. Simply put, 2021 was a landmark year for me. 

While I’m incredibly proud of everything that I was able to accomplish last year, reaching these goals has only made me hungrier to do more, achieve more, and be better so that Brandon and I can make an even greater impact on the world. 

I want you to experience this level of achievement. There are a few simple things that you can do that will make this process easier for you. And when I say easier, I mean giving your goals and your perspective on your life a little more structure, so that you have a way of knowing where you were, where you are, and where you want to go. 

The first step in making sure you’re getting everything that you want in 2022? Let’s evaluate 2021.

Where you’re going is dictated by where you’ve been

Having insight on your past — your accomplishments, your failures, and your attitude about those things — will help inform how you tackle your goals and prepare for your future. 

My husband, Brandon, talks a lot about how the past frames who we are, and how taking a healthy approach to reflecting on the past can help you overcome trauma, failures, and other factors that can create negative thinking and distract you from achieving what’s possible. 

Note that this is reflection, which is decidedly different from dwelling. We’re not trying to get lost in the past here. Our goal is to look back with purpose so that we can move forward with intention and understanding. And if we don’t? We’ll continue to fall into the same traps, bad habits, and negative thinking that has been holding us back. 

Everything you want in 2022? What did you get in 2021?

Alright, so putting looking back with purpose into practice, especially when it comes to exercises like annual goal setting, can be put into context by asking yourself three deceptively simple questions. 

These are the exact questions I asked myself when I was making my 2022 goals:

  • Where were you at in 2021
  • What do you want more of in 2022?
  • What do you want less of in 2022?

Let’s break these questions down, so you can fully understand the purpose and benefits of this exercise. I recommend that you spend at least 30 minutes on this so that you can really remember and document everything.

Where were you at in 2021?

What were your 2021 goals? What did you accomplish? What did you not accomplish? How much money did you make? What were the things that prevented you from achieving everything you set out to, and what were the things that you believe helped create success in your life? 

Be honest with yourself in this. You need to recognize where you were in order to understand where you are because it informs where you’ll be. 

What do you want more of in 2022?

When I look at my achievements in 2021, I’m so proud of myself, but I’m also thinking, “Okay, what are things I can do to create even more value in my life and in the lives of others?”

Like, specifically, when I see that I recorded 25 podcasts, I’m a little disappointed. I should have at least recorded one per week last year. So, since I have every document recorded and I now have that context, it’s easier for me to state with intention that I’ll be recording one podcast per week at least in 2022. 

That’s where I’m at. More podcasts, more enriching speaking opportunities, and more interactions with people whom I can learn from and can help me achieve my goals. 

What do you want less of in 2022?

Speaking events is probably the perfect example of something that I can use to contextualize the concept of “less.” Now, I’m very proud of the fact that I spoke at over 50 events last year, but is that what I want to do this year? I’m not so sure. I don’t want to repeat myself. I want to grow.

So, while I love speaking, what I think I would find more fulfilling is to, let’s say, speak at 15 events, but ensuring that those events are with different organizations, or have no fewer than 5,000 attendees. So, in this way, I’m focused on fewer speaking gigs, but the ones I do want to do can perhaps create an impact at a larger scale. 

How can you use the idea of “less” this strategically?

Big tips: Five things that will help you get everything you want this year

So, those three questions aren’t the only thing you can do to create a you that is intentional, focused, and making the best use of your time and energy. There are five things I’m doing this year in order to keep pushing myself up the mountain of achievement. You can do them, too!

Put money on the line

Achieving certain goals means taking risks. Sometimes it’s a social risk. Sometimes it’s professional. But one type of risk that we tend to avoid even more strongly is financial risk. And sometimes that’s the one type of risk you gotta take in order to get what you want.

This past year, I’ve worked out more than I ever have in my life. I feel great. I don’t want that momentum to stop. In order to make my goal over working out every single day in 2022 real, I’ve made a wager with some associates — a significant wager — that is sure as hell going to keep me committed to this goal.  

Find a way to embarrass yourself

Most of us want big things. Not all of us are willing to verbalize those things, because we’re self-conscious about the reaction we might get. That’s limiting behavior. 

Case in point: It’s one of my goals to make the Forbes “30 Under 30.” It’s refreshing to say that out loud, to put it in writing, and to actually start doing the application work in order to make this goal a reality.

What’s something that you really want but you feel scared to say out loud? Say it! Post about it. Let that social pressure increase your accountability. Start reaching out to the people who have had success in those realms and make it real!

You have to get a visual of your goals

Call it a vision board. Call it whatever you want. The purpose is that you have a visual reminder that you see and feel each and every day right there in front of you reminding you of what you want to achieve. 

I used visuals and vision boards to snap me into focus, it reminds me of what I’m capable of and what I want so desperately out of life. Don’t underestimate the power of the visual. 

Keep 2032 in mind (be that person now!)

Where do you see yourself ten years from now? No, really. Stop for a second. Think about it. Where do you want to be in ten years? Start living that way right now! I’m serious. 

You need to determine just who that 2032 person is — how they spend their time, how they manage their finances, how they hold themselves in the world — and you need to start pushing yourself toward being that person today. 

Until you have that clear vision of yourself, you’re just going to continue being a less satisfied, less realized version of yourself. (The one you might already be.)

Get in contact with as many people as possible who can help you create the impact you want

Let’s go back to that “30 Under 30” example. This is a group of people that I want to belong to. There’s no question in my mind that I belong there. But it recently occurred to me that I haven’t done anything to get in contact with the people who have already been recognized by Forbes. What a massive disservice to myself, right? 

These are people who I can learn from, emulate, and maybe even collaborate with in some capacity. What am I waiting for? What are you waiting for? I can guarantee you that, pretty much no matter what it is that you’re looking to accomplish in 2022, there are people out there who have achieved some aspect of what it is you’re trying to achieve. Find them. Reach out to them. Create new relationships. 

No one will ever know who you are and what you have to offer if you’re never putting yourself out there. Change that. Do it today, and you’ll be one step closer to getting everything you want in 2022!

Want to learn more about how the Cardone Ventures team and I are changing the nature of teamwork and goal achievement? Download my Alignment Guide right here. I want you to have an amazing 2022. This is your first step to making that come true.