Natalie Dawson is placed in the left side of the photo, seated in front of a microphone with her hair pulled back while wearing an all-black outfit. A photo of Tesla founder Elon Musk, wearing a tuxedo, is placed on the right side of the photo. The letters "WWED" (short for "What would Elon do?" titles the photo.


Being a business owner can be tough, and when I find myself struggling, I look to leaders in order to uncover the answers I need. These days, I find myself wondering, “What Would Elon Do?”

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Natalie Dawson is featured in the left side of the image, both hands raised and open, as she speaks at a live Cardone Ventures event. The right side of the image features the blog title.

10 Reasons To Fire An Employee

Reasons to fire an employee aren’t always obvious I’m really excited about sharing these insights with you, because creating a great culture in your business can be a real challenge. Firing people who aren’t the right fit,...

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Natalie Dawson, wearing all black with her blonde hair styled into a ponytail, sits behind a desk and talks into a microphone about the importance of incentivizing your top performing team members.

How To Incentivize Your Top Performers, Part 2

Creating great working teams is hard work! Let’s make it easier. If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you’ve no doubt experienced how difficult it can be to find great talent, keep them engaged in the business,...

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