Natalie Dawson, sitting at her desk behind her MacBook in her all black and white office, while wearing black and smiling at the camera.

4 Ways To Up Your Marketing Skills

Marketing is everything One thing I’ve learned in working with business after business is that many people confuse marketing as being this silo in their company, as though it’s this singular entity unto itself.  The...

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Natalie Dawson, dramatically lit and sitting in a chair holding her book, Teamwork, smiles at the camera while wearing an all-black outfit.

How To Set Your Goals Each Year

Life’s “big moments” can only be big with intention behind them If you’ve paid any attention to the Natalie Dawson or Cardone Ventures worlds, then it should come as no surprise to you that goals mean a great deal to me....

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Natalie's black shoe crew

Natalie’s Black Shoe Crew

Black is the staple color in my wardrobe. And what better way to dress things up than to pair my outfits with the perfect pair of black heels. These are a few of my favorites from my black shoe crew! Click below to shop....

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